Famous Teachers


In the title-role of Rossini's Manuel García I (1775 - 1832)                                   [Manuel del Pópulo Vicente Rodríguez García]

He was a singer as well as a composer, impresario and singing teacher. Perhaps the most celebrated tenor at his time he was unequalled in Mozart (Don Giovanni, Così fan tutte, Die Zauberflöte, La Clemenza di Tito), Rossini and Donizetti. García composed 51 operas, 22 in Spanish (Tonadillas), 21 in Italian and 8 in French! In a number of his works he fused Andalusian and bel canto elements. The critics praised him for his remarkable flexible voice (ornamentation), for his musicianship and skilful acting. The voice was described as “a deep tenor.” In 1829 his voice declined and he dedicated himself to teaching. His legacy, in the hand of his children, was widely carried into the 20th century.



Manuel García II (1805 - 1906)                        [Manuel Patricio Rodríguez García]

He studied as a baritone with his father and music theory with F.J. Fétis. His voice was soon in decline and he retired early in 1829. Subsequently he did administrative work in French military hospitals, where he studied the physiological aspects of the voice. His “Mémoires sur la voix humaine” (Paris, 1840) was the foundation of all subsequent investigations into the voice, and his invention of the laryngoscope (1855) brought him world fame. His “Traité complet de L’art du chant” (1840) became a standard work. He was a professor at the Paris Conservatoire (1847 - 1850), the Royal Academy of Music in London (1845 - 1895) and the  Royal  College of Music (1883 - 1895). His school of singing produced some of the most famous singers of the 19th century. His first wife was the noted soprano Eugénie (Eugenia) Mayer who appeared as Abigaille in Nabucco (1848). Their son was the baritone Gustave García who also enjoyed a teaching career. Manuel García II reached the high age of 101.

Maria Malibran-García (1808 - 1836)             [Maria -Francesca Malibran-García]

She studied as a mezzo-soprano with her father and made her debut in 1825 as Rosina. She became very soon one of the most celebrated singers of her time. She appeared in a variety of Rossini’s operas (Tancredi, Otello, Il Turco in Italia, La Cenerentola, Semiramide) but also succeeded in Donizetti’s Maria Stuarda and in Meyerbeer’s Il Crociato in Egitto. She sang with tremendous success in Bellini’s operas (La Sonnambula, I Capuleti e i Montecchi). Bellini adapted the role of Elvira in I Puritani especially for her but the opera was turned down by the management of the Naples Opera House and she never sang it. In 1836 she married the violinist Charles de Bériot. She created Balfe’s The Maid of Artois which was especially composed for her. A riding accident when she was pregnant resulted in her death at the early age of 28. To judge from the roles adapted for her by both Donizetti and Bellini, the range (g to e’’’), power and flexibility of her voice was extraordinary. Her early death turned her into a legendary figure.


Pauline Viardot-García (1821 - 1910)                  [Pauline Michelle Ferdinande Viardot-García]

Her father died when she was only 11 but she absorbed much of his teaching. She studied the piano with Meysenberg and Liszt and composition with Reicha. She made her debut as mezzo-soprano in 1839 as Desdemona in Rossini’s Otello. Her musical and dramatic gifts were immediately acclaimed, particularly by the intellectuel public. In 1840 she married the writer Louis Viardot. Their house became a centre for writers, musicians and artists. She helped to launch Gounod, Massenet and Fauré in their careers. She travelled to Russia where she was the first foreigner to sing in Russian (Glinka, Dargomizhski). Meyerbeer especially composed Le Prophète for her which turned out to be immensely successful. Her voice, a mezzo-soprano, artificially extended when young into the soprano register, and later into the contralto register, was not faultless, but she concealed its defects with great artistry. She certainly never had the operatic success of her sister Maria Malibran in the Italian repertoire but in the operas by Meyerbeer and Halévy, she had no equal. Around 1863 she retired for composing and teaching. Her intellectual approach to her art did much to raise the status of singers. Students

The García Family Diagram


Manuel García I (1775 - 1832)





1. Manuela de Morales

2. Maria-Joaquina García-Sitchez (1780 - 1854)





Josefa Ruíz-García

Manuel García II

Maria Malibran-García

Pauline Viardot-García


(1805 - 1906)

(1808 - 1836)

(1821 - 1910)






Eugenia García-Mayer (1815 - 1880)

1. François-Eugène Malibran

    Louis Viardot  


2. Charles de Bériot   






Gustave García

Wilfried de Bériot

Louise Viardot


(1837 - 1925)




Alberto García


(1875 - 1946)


He made some Pathé cylinders in 1905





Jacques Bouhy

Suzanne Adams

(1848 - 1929)

Lillian Blauvelt


Clara Butt

Eva Gauthier

Louise Homer

Louise Kirkby-Lunn

Léon Rains


Gillis Bratt

Ivar Andrésen

(1870 - 1925)

Kirsten Flagstad


Joseph Hislop

Torsten Lennartson

Magna Lyckseth-Scherfven

Göta Ljungberg

Oscar Ralf

Gustav Rödin

Sigune Schillander

Eil Stiebel

Gertrude Wettergren


Fernando Carpi

Fernando Corena

(1876 - 1959)

Suzanne Danco

Sir Geraint Evans

Ernst Haefliger

Rudolf Jedlicka

Otakar Kraus

Zinka Milanov

Maria Tauberová


Antonio Cotogni

Mario Basiola

(1831 - 1918)

Mattia Battistini

Augusto Beuf

Julian Biel

Guido Ciccolini

Giuseppe Costa

Giuseppe di Luca

Jean de Reszke

Benvenuto Franci

Carlo Galeffi

Beniamino Gigli

Dinh Gilly

Giacomo Lauri-Volpi

Virginio Lazzari

Carmen Melis

Luigi Rossi-Morelli

Tita Ruffo

Mariano Stabile


Desiré Demest

Fernand Ansseau

(1864 - 1932)

Armand Crabbe

Hector Dufranne

Charles Fontaine

Albert Huberty

Laurent Swolfs


Jean de Reszke

Richard Bonelli

(1850 - 1925)

Mme Charles Cahier

Eleonora de Cisneros

Marie-Louise Edvina

Arthur Endrèze

Rachel Frease-Green

Kathleen Howard

Hardesty Johnson

Felicie Kaschowska

Miriam Licette

Mary Lewis

Albert Lindquest

Lucille Marcel

Riccardo Martin

Leila Megane

Carmen Melis

Marguerite Namara

Adelina Patti

Bidù Sayão

Johannes Sembach

Leo Slezak

Maggie Teyte

Sarah Jane Walker


Gilbert-Louis Duprez

Emma Albani

(1806 - 1896)

Marie Battu


Marie Miolan-Carvalho

Constance Nantier-Didiée

Eloi Sylva


Franz Emmerich

Charles Dalmorès


Adamo Didur


Margarethe Matzenauer

Mario Sammarco


Joseph Gänsbacher

Hermine Braga

(1829 - 1911)

Leopold Demuth


Hermann Jadlowker

Felicie Kaschowska

Julius Lieban

Franz Naval

Thila Plaichinger

Demeter Popovice

Luise Reuss-Belce

Nikolaus Rothmühl

Milka Ternina

Marie Wilt


Manuel García I

Manuel García II

(1775 - 1832)

Maria Malibran-García


Pauline Viardot-García

Jean-Antoine J. Géraldy

Henriette Méric-Lalande

The Countess Merlin

Adolph Nourrit

Paolo de Rosich


Manuel García II

Erminia Frezzolini

(1805 - 1906)       

Jenny Lind

Mathilde Marchesi

Sir Charles Santley

Anna Schoen-René

Julius Stockhausen

Johanna Wagner


Ernst Grenzebach

Peter Anders

 (1871 - 1936)       

Arthur Bard


Carl Clewing

Keith Falkner

Anny Helm

Käthe Herwig

Sigrid Johansson

Alexander Kipnis

Max Lorenz

Lauritz Melchior

Meta Seinemeyer


Natalia Iretskaya

Oda Slobodskaya


Otakar Kraus

Peter Coleman-Wright

(1909 - 1980)

Elizabeth Connell


Stafford Dean

Gwynne Howell

Robert Lloyd

Jonathan Summers

John Tomlinson

Willard White


Francesco Lamperti

Irene Abendroth

(1811 - 1892)

Emma Albani


Marietta Alboni

Désirée Artôt

Eliza Biscacchianti

Italo Campanini

Sofia Cruvelli

Anna Caroline de Lagrange

Daniel Filleborn

Alma Fohstrom

Nikolai Figner

Paul Kalisch

Salvatore Marchesi

Adolf Robinson

William Shakespeare

Marcella Sembrich

Theresa Stolz

Emma Thursby

Marie van Zandt

Maria Waldmann


Giovanni Battista Lamperti

David Bispham

(1839 - 1910)

William Earl Brown


Florencio Constantino

Ernestine Schumann-Heink

Marcella Sembrich

Roberto Stagno

Herbert Witherspoon


Lilli Lehmann

Geraldine Farrar

(1848 - 1929)

Res Fischer

Edytha Fleischer

Olive Fremstad

Walter Kirchhoff

Melanie Kurt

Rudolf Laubenthal

Viorica Ursuleac


Lotte Lehmann

Rose Bampton

(1888 - 1976)

Grace Bumbry

Sr. Marietta Coyle

Kay Griffel

Marilyn Horne

Nan Merriman

Carol Neblett


Lydia Lipkovskaya

Virginia Zeani


Mercedes Llopart

Montserrat Caballé

(1895 - 1970)

Fiorenza Cossotto


Alfredo Kraus

Anna Moffo

Renata Scotto

Elena Souliotis

Renata Tebaldi


Vincenzo Lombardi

Pasquale Amato


Fernando de Lucia


Charles Hackett

Edward Johnson

Riccardo Martin


Mathilde Marchesi      

Suzanne Adams

(1821 - 1913)

Frances Alda

Sigrid Arnoldson

Blanche Arral

Ellen Beach Yaw

Emma Calvé

Ilma di Murska

Emma Eames

Betty Frank

Antonietta Fricci

Nina Friede

Etelka Gerster

Ellen Gulbranson

Gabrielle Krauss

Selma Kurz

Miriam Licette

Estelle Liebling

Blanche Marchesi

Dame Nellie Melba

Emma Nevada

Rosa Papier-Paumgartner

Frances Saville

Evelyn Scotney

Sybil Sanderson

Amelia Stahl


Blanche Marchesi

Phyllis Archibald

(1863 - 1940)

Muriel Brunskill


Ellen Gulbranson

Joy McArden

Blanche Tomlin


Barbara Marchisio

Toti dal Monte

(1833 - 1919)

Rosa Raisa



Judith Beckmann


Ingrid Bjoner

(1887 - 1971)

Elisabeth Grümmer


Hildegard Hillebrecht

Leonore Kirschstein

Jutta Vulpius

Kurt Widmer


Johannes Messchaert

F. Martienssen-Lohmann


(1857 - 1922)

Aaltje Noordewier-Reddingius


Louis-Henri Obin

François Delmas

(1820 - 1895)

Léon Escalaïs


Marcel Journet

Albert Vaguet


Rosa Papier-Baumgartner

Anna Bahr-Mildenburg

(1859 - 1932)

Yella Hochreiter


Grete Holm

Felicie Hüni-Mihaczek

Bella Paalen

Rose Pauly

Charlotte von Seeböck

Lucie Weidt

Helene Wildbrunn


Venceslao Persichini

Mattia Battistini

(1827 - 1897)

Giuseppe de Luca


Francesco Marconi

Titta Ruffo


Rosa Ponselle

Richard Cassilly

(1897 - 1981)

Lili Chookasian

Ryan Edwards

Raina Kabaivanska

Sherill Milnes

 James Morris

Beverly Sills

 William Warfield


Adolf Robinson

Rudolf Berger


(1834 - 1920)

Alexander Kirchner


Frances Rose

Friedrich Schorr

Joseph Schwarz

Leo Slezak


Giovanni Sbriglia

Ada Adini

(1829 - 1916)

Edouard de Reszke


Jean de Reszke

Félia Litvinne

Riccardo Martin

Lillian Nordica

Pol Plançon

Sybil Sanderson

Clarence Whitehill


William Shakespeare

David Bispham

(1849 - 1931)

John Coates


Eva Gauthier

Maude Perceval Allen


Julius Stockhausen

Marie Altona

1826 - 1906

Lisa Burgmeier

Anton van Rooy

Aline Friede

Modest Menzinsky

Johannes Messchaert

Karl Scheidemantel

Therese Schnabel-Behr

Amy Sherwin

Hermine Spies

Mathilde Weckerlin

Clarence Whitehill


Antonio Trabadello

Eleonora de Cisneros


Geraldine Farrar


Mary Garden

Grace Moore

Lucy Isabelle Marsh


Pauline Viardot-García

Ada Adini

(1821 - 1910)

Teresa Arkel

Désirée Artôt

Marianne Brandt

Annie Louise Cary

Jeanne Gerville-Réache

Gertrud Godier

Natalia Iretskaya

Lydia Lipkovskaya

Félia Litvinne

Aglaja von Orgéni

Mathilde Phillips

Mafalda Salvatini

Anna Schoen-René

Antoinette Sterling

Louise Viardot


Melchiorre Vidal

Lucrezia Bori

(1837 - 1911)

Ludwig Hess


Elvira de Hidalgo

Juan Gayarre

Graziella Pareto

Rosina Storchio

Fernando Valero

Francesco Vignas


Aglaja von Orgéni

Gertrude Förstel

(1841 - 1926)

Berta Morena

Hedwig Francillo-Kaufmann

Margarethe Siems

Edyth Walker

Erika Wedekind

Sophie Wolf


Valery Wysocki

Irena Bohuss

(1835 - 1907)

Adamo Didur


Róza Duce

Maria Gombarzewska

Janina Korolewicz-Wayda

Salomea Krusceniski

Jóseph Mann

Modest Menzinsky

Maria Moscisca

Zygmunt Mossoczy

Aleksander Myszuga

Elena Zboinska-Ruszkowska