About me

Influenced by my grand-parents I became fascinated by classical music at a very young age. My grand-father played the violin and my grand-mother was a good pianist. They owned  a considerable record collection of symphonic and chamber music as well as music for the piano. Furthermore, they used to rent rooms to music students, so I can say that I was surrounded by music every day.

When I was 17 years old, my singing coach (a student of Ria Ginster , Dusolina Giannini and Sigrid Onégin by herself) introduced me to the world of vocal music and its singers of the past. My collection includes recordings dated from 1905 until the present day.

My special interest is also focused on discovering young promising artists who mostly appear on a growing but, fortunately, successful network of small independent labels.

This is what I am doing now: www.subikids.de


 Andrea Suhm-Binder